Матвей Киселев Пой со мной (cover Илья Волков, Беларусь Детское Евровидение 2013)

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Какое место займет Илья на Детском Евровидении ?фотография фотография фотография...
Илья Волков на детском Евровидении - 2013

We will go for our dream Far beyond the oceans To the region, inscribed by the fate We rush without cheating You and I, yes we together Sing, when the soul flies Sing, when there is sadness on heart, Sing, when the snow will melt, Is it strange?

We will go for our dream Far beyond the oceans To the region, inscribed by the fate We rush without cheating You and I, yes we together Sing, when the soul flies Sing, when there is sadness on heart, Sing, when the snow will melt, Is it strange? But anyway Sing in the morning about the sun At night - about the moon Happiness will smile To both you and me Sing, when the soul flies Sing, when there is sadness on heart, Sing, when the snow will melt, Is it strange?

Our congratulations to the fact that you have been selected as the representative of Belarus at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest! True fans will recognize you from your participation in Amsterdam, but can you still introduce yourself to us?

I hope that it will get remembered. How was it created? The girls are studying in the vocal and choreographic studio "Maxi Briz".

ЭЛИНА ЧАГА. ЭЛИНА ЧАГА - Та, что (Boombox cover). Читать дальше...

This studio is located in the Minsk school , and it is lead by Anna Sakovich. We rehearse stage performance in the "Maxi Briz" studio and the vocals with vocal coach Olga Vronskaya. The main thing will be to do everything on stage as perfect as we can. Are there any songs that you remember? Work harder, in Kyiv you should do even better!

We still chat in social networks. One of my most vivid memories - the way I taught Israeli group Kids. And I also took part in numerous competitions in ballroom dancing getting some prizes. Do you have a lot of original songs? I love energetic songs with dance rhythms, and if the song is slow, it should have a dramatic climax. What are your favorite subjects in school?

Are you preparing any new songs? Наши поздравления с тем, что ты стал представителем Беларуси на Детском Евровидении! Настоящие поклонники конкурса уже вспомнят твое участие в Амстердаме, но все-таки представь нам себя?

Я надеюсь, что она запомнится. Эта студия находится в й минской школе, руководитель — Анна Алексеевна Сакович. Главное, сделать на сцене все здорово, так как мы можем. Есть ли песни, которые тебе запомнились? Старайся больше, в Киеве надо выступить еще лучше! До сих пор переписываемся в социальных сетях.

Одно из моих самых ярких воспоминаний — то, как я учил группу Kids. Здорово знать, что где-то за тридевять земель у тебя есть хорошие друзья. А еще участие в многочисленных конкурсах по спортивным бальным танцам призовые места. Много ли у тебя оригинальных песен? Люблю энергичные, песни в танцевальных ритмах, а если песня медленная, она должна быть с драматичной кульминацией.

Какие у тебя любимые предметы в школе? Готовишь ли ты к записи новые песни? I have lots of awards - the diplomas, medals and cups for dancing. For Vocal I also have trophies and medals", informs Ilya. Probably the atmosphere that prevails in this competition, so friendly, influenced him.

I do not even know what to feel more pleasure from - the show itself, or from those wonderful episodes that are taking place between rehearsals, when children from different countries communicate with each other, not even speaking a foreign language, using gestures, smiles. I do not know how they manage to do it, but they understand each other. Ilya is tempered guy, quite sociable. As his impressions from the performances in Amsterdam were strong and vivid, it was quite natural for him to apply for participation the this year himself", said Lyudmila Borodina.

As for Ilya, everyone unanimously noted that he in harmony both vocal abilities and dancing experience. It is very organic, and it is a quality without which you can not go on stage. He loves the stage, he lives it. There are some very gifted children, but when they go on stage, either large or small, they often forget because of worries what they have been taught, loose what they have been granted by nature.

They are good singing with friends and relatives, with whom they do not worry. But as soon as they come out on the big stage - they loose something. Ilya is unusually organic on stage.

I think and hope that, in spite of the excitement that must be present at any singer, he can clearly show himself in the competition and be remembered by the audience. I would not predict the result, because contest is contest and a lot depends on with what mood is gathered the TV audience: Hopefully, most of the fans will be like these.

I will sing and represent our country in such a big competition Junior Eurovision in Kiev. In the school in the first grade, they were my classmates. But then I moved to different school. I have noticed that they are very good in dance, and invited them to dance in our performance" says Ilya. To deal with the worries he plans: Originally they were made in casual style. Now we have changed them to make them more vivid, theatrical, more European. There will be shine in the outfits.

But we will not disclose all the secrets yet. I can add that outfits have been created by designer Natalia Potkina with Anna Gorbachevskaya", informed mother of the singer.

Ilya admitted that he had read about all the participants, saw all the rooms and most of all he likes to Ukraine. This is in addition to the delegation, in which will be people. To Kyiv they will travel on a big double-decker bus. And everyone will be, of course, cheering for Ilya, for our team, which represents Belarus at Junior Eurovision Also in Kiev, we have a lot of relatives, and they, and their friends will also come to the contest.

Therefore, I am afraid that half of the hall will be from Belarus", says mother of Ilya. Lyudmila Borodina also informed about promotional products of Belarus delegation: When it is put on shoulder , it appears like the child is going with a portable tape recorder.

This bag has inside is a colorful folder, booklet, which presents the biography of Ilya and lyrics, and lots of photos made by remarkable designer Anna Gorbachev, and of course, CD single. Moreover, all of this is sustained in one, in my opinion, very modern teenager style. We have already shown that we can make not only a good contest, but one of the best contests. I think a lot depends on how the situation will evolve, because the crisis that is so powerful and so painfully walking across the world, of course, had an impact on the organization of such events.

Unfortunately, sometime organizers save money on children. This is very disappointing. Contest is not commercial, as opposed to an adult, which has very powerful sponsors, promotional tours, etc. Junior contest is more modest and more difficult because chidren need to be carefully worked with.

Their stardom is ahead, they are only at the beginning of their creative biography. But the most important thing, in my opinion, is that the song should fit the performer, that it was his song.

And then you can look forward to a very good result". У меня много наград - дипломов, медалей и кубков - по танцам. По вокалу у меня тоже есть кубки и медали", рассказал Илья.

Наверное, та атмосфера, которая царит на этом конкурсе, настолько доброжелательная, дружественная, повлияла на него. Я даже не знаю, от чего больше испытываю удовольствие: Не знаю, как они умудряются это делать, но они понимают друг друга. Илья у нас парень закаленный, достаточно общительный. Поскольку слишком сильными и яркими были впечатления от выступления в Амстердаме, совершенно естественно было для Ильи подавать заявку на участие в этом году", рассказала Людмила Бородина.

Что касается Ильи, то все единодушно отметили, что у него очень гармонично сочетаются вокальные способности и танцевальный опыт. Он очень органичен, а это то качество, без которого нельзя выходить на сцену.

Он любит сцену, он этим живет. Есть очень одаренные дети, но когда они выходят на сцену, большую или малую, порой теряют из-за волнения то, чему они научены, то, что им даровано природой. Они хороши в кругу друзей и близких, перед кем они не испытываю волнения.

Беларусь выбрала претендента на победу в детском конкурсе

Но как только они выходят на большую сцену - что-то уходит. Илья необычайно сценичен, органичен. Я думаю и очень надеюсь, что, несмотря на волнение, которое должно присутствовать у артиста, он сможет ярко показать себя на конкурсе и запомниться зрителям. Не будем предсказывать результаты, потому что конкурс есть конкурс и многое зависит от того, в каком настроении собралась телеаудитория: Будем надеяться, что этих болельщиков будет большинство".

С девочками из подтанцовки я знаком с 5 лет. В школе в первом классе они были моими одноклассницами.

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